Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Eve Eve Breakfast

And the new traditions continue! Chris and I made the kids breakfast this morning for Advent. We had Christmas Tree Waffles with "ornaments" (M&Ms). This is SUPER special because I never let them have candy for breakfast (a constant request by Ramona) AND I let Chris put green food coloring in the batter. (Last time, Max had blue poop.) They loved it! Max kept banging his empty plate and begging for more. Ironically, Ramona decided she didn't like candy on her waffles. But wanted to know if she finished her waffles, could she have dessert? Um, this IS dessert! I am spending the rest of the day making Christmas presents...yes MAKING, Handmade Christmas, baby! Hopefully Chris can keep the kids entertained. Good luck!

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Ralph said...

Mandy, I have been meaning to email you about how impressed I was with all of the Christmas gifts you made this year. It was only until I had almost finished all of my individually wrapped carmel candy that Mom told me you made that too! Anyway I wanted you to know how much I appreciated my gifts and those you made for everyone else. I really liked Max's box of tied together cloth. You are an exceptional Mom/Wife/Daughter! -Dad