Monday, August 25, 2008

He's Baaaack! (UPDATED)

Sooo, does anyone want an adorable orange cat? Pumpkin is full of personality, but Chris and I do not have time to pay attention to him with a newborn in the house. It is better for him and us if he finds another family that will love him and give him the attention he deserves. Here are his selling points:
1. He's the fuzziest.
2. He's litter box trained and outdoor trained.
3. He has thumbs/mittens. (polydactyl)
4. VERY affectionate
5. He's independent. All he wants is to play outdoors.
6. He's fixed.
7. He's handsome, all your neighbors will envy you.
8. He alerts you if there are bugs in the house. He was a lifesaver when we had roaches!
9. You can leave him with a pile of food and go out of town with out worrying about him. But he also travels well!
10. He comes with all his own stuff. No need to buy anything!

You may be asking yourself, "If he's so great, why are they getting rid of him?" Good Question! It breaks my heart to give him away, we have had him for 4 years. But with Ramona learning to crawl soon and playing on the floor/eating the carpet. I can't take any chances with germs. Honestly it freaks me out. And Pumpkin feels abandoned, because he used to be the baby. If Ramona was a few years older, then it would be fine. But I can't time travel, nor would I want to. So if anyone is interested in an awesome cat, please check out the craigs list posting below and let us know if you would like to meet him.

UPDATE: It looks like Lt. Pumpkin will remain in the family. My parents have offered to take him into their home until my brother finds an apartment. Then, hopefully, my brother can officially adopt him. Watch out, ladies, soon there will be two handsome devils livin' it up in their very own bachelor pad! When I told Pumpkin about this new plan, he told me (with his eyes) that he was excited about moving back to San Antonio. But, nevertheless he was very hurt because he obviously had no idea we were trying to give him away on Craig's List. And with that, he left the room to take a 12 hour nap. Thanks, Mom, Dad and Mark!

Monday, August 11, 2008

She Rolls!!

She's done it! Ramona has rolled over and let me capture it on film! She rolled over for the first time a few days ago but refused to do it again in front of the camera. She's not a circus monkey for heaven's sake! So I now have 15 movies of her almost rolling over and one movie of her rolling over completely in the poorest quality a digital camera has ever filmed. See for your self below, it looks like I filmed it 20 years ago. (Don't panic, Dad, I didn't film it with your fancy video camera. I used my digital camera.) The video is not too long, but she doesn't roll over until the very end. But she doesn't disappoint. While you are waiting for the main event, you get to see her grab her toes and make various baby noises.

I couldn't get the video to upload, so I put it on YouTube. Enjoy!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Farewell Lt. Pumpkin

Lt. Pumpkin, our cat, moved out tonight. It has been inevitable ever since Ramona was born. He is not a fan of Ramona. He especially hates it when she cries and interrupts his nap. But don't worry about Pumpkin, he has moved in with our friends, Austin and Kirsten. (Thank you so much, by the way!) So, are you wondering what the final straw was? MICE! I guess Pumpkin has been feeling a little ignored lately, so he started bringing home gifts. LIVE gifts and setting them loose in the house. Now, I previously mentioned that Chris was out of town. So who had to catch and get rid of the mice? ME! That is so not in my job description. Here's how it went down:

Mouse #1 (6:00 a.m.)—I chase him around the house, following closely behind Pumpkin, and finally corner the little guy behind the toilet. Then as quickly as possible I trap him in a Christmas popcorn tin and set him free out side near the neighbor's yard. I quickly throw on some clothes and take the baby to Wal-mart to buy 16 glue traps.

Mouse #2 (4:30 a.m.)—Pumpkin has a mouse cornered behind the kitchen trash can, which is where I placed one of the glue traps. So the mouse is stuck and PISSED. Long story short, we have a mouse dying a slow death in our outside trash can. I felt bad putting him in there, but what was I supposed to do!?! Maybe he chewed himself free.

And then, of course, Pumpkin hobbled into my room a couple hours later with a glue trap stuck to his leg. So, I put him in the outside trash can too...Just kidding. I pulled it off and sent him on his way.

He remembers when he was our baby.

So handsome!

Lt. Pumpkin, you will be missed.