Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Hello, Everyone! It's me, Ramona!

Yesterday we were looking for hats at my parents' house for the kids to play dress up with. I found a huge, wide brimmed one in my mom's closet. Ramona immediately put it on and started looking for a mirror. What does she do when she finds one? She strikes a pose and says, "Hello, everyone! Welcome to the show! It's me, Ramona!"

Honestly, my first thought was, Oh CRAP! Someone is going to want to put her on TV! You know, one of those awful Disney shows where the kids start out all funny and wholesome and end up half naked pop stars by the time they turn 18.

I didn't even think to take a picture of her in the adorable hat. I was too terrified. This is my NIGHTMARE! I have always sworn I would never put my child in "the biz" and become one of those mom/managers, who will corrupt their children for a price.

Please God, let this premonition NOT come true. Amen. P.S. Thanks for the adorable, hilarious, little girl!

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