Monday, March 21, 2011

Princess Dora Birthday Party!

Whew! Ramona's 3rd birthday went off with out a hitch. I was planning and baking and decorating all week long and everything was over and destroyed in two hours. The house looked like a tornado tore threw it but we had so much fun!

All the kids helped Ramona open her gifts. It was madness!
I have no idea who brought what gift.

All the kids decorated crowns and tiaras.

I made her cake again. I have so much fun doing this every year, so I took it up a notch and made a Princess Dora cake. It turned out well!

Chris drew the map. For those of you who watch Dora the Explorer.
It's the map, it's the map, it's the maaaaap!

Max is working so hard on crawling.
He's just scooting backwards and turning on his tummy, so far.


momma frans said...

ok, I am super impressed by the cake! I tried to make a fancy cake once and it was traumatic to all involved.

Alyssa G said...

Love the picture of Oliver busily getting the ladies more presents to open! It was a blast!!