Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Happy Birthday, Shark Baby!

Well, this is embarrassing, I'm posting Max's birthday blog 2 months late. Sorry, Max!

We had a shark themed birthday party in honor of Max's favorite hobby. He was teething like crazy and biting me all the time. I usually saw it coming, because he would get his "bite face" on. His chin would jut out and he got a crazed look in his eyes. (No picture, unfortunately.) So, of course, I made a shark cake and other sharky decorations. We had a blast!

Shark Decorations and Watermelon Punch

The cake!

Allie (one of Max's many girlfriends) and the Shark Watermelon.

His big gift.

LinkDaddy couldn't wait to get in on the fun!

The party ended with a big jam session. Thanks to our family, Price Hill and the band wives for making Max's first birthday so special!

I also made Max his first book. A preview can be seen here.

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